3D software

Asset Management 2.3.8 for Blender 2.8

This Addon lets you create libraries, categories and add your assets with Automatic thumbnails creation.
You can add different types of assets, little objects, light setups, rigged characters etc.
You can save your scenes, add your own materials and your own HDRIs maps.
The Thumbnail Generator offers you multiples choices:
– thumbnails Images: Use the file on your PC or use the Render Result directly!
This addon is perfect to make libraries of assets, it’s simple, it’s fast and you can manage them in seconds.
You can also share your libraries with your friends or buy/sell them on the internet, Gumroad etc.

GEOlayers 2 v1.2.8 for After Effects

It also provides direct Like this you can easily draw buildings to After Effects shape layers, highlight certain country borders, streets, lakes, rivers, places, label regions, animate routes, extrude buildings… whatever you’ll need.
GEOlayers 2 All of them can be used for free! GEOlayers Use the Universal API to connect to common imagebased tileservers or create a map style in minutes with the Stamen Mapstack API. Mapbox is also fully supported.

Autodesk Inventor Professional 2020

Laubwerk Plants Kit 1-7 v1.0.28 for SketchUp 

Skatter v1.4.7 Plugin for SketchUp 2019

CLO Standalone 

CLO Enterprise 3.1.27

SideFX Houdini FX 17.5.293 Win x64

Arnold Render 3.1.26 for 3ds max

Ephere Ornatrix for 3ds

MESHmachine 0.6 & 0.6.9 for Blender 2.79 & 2.80

V-Ray Next v4.20.00 for 3ds Max 

Arnold Render 2.5.2 for Cinema 4D R19/R20


Thea Render v2.1 for Rhino, SketchUp & Cinema 4D 

FumeFX v5.0.3 for 3ds Max 2014-2020

DECALmachine v1.4.2

R3DS Zwrap v1.1.3 for ZBrush