Orphea – Heroes of the Storm

Updated to Blender 2.8
Added some b-bone segments to the hair and skirt bones. Hopefully this will result in better deforms

Dva academy for Cinema 4D r20 

Mortal Kombat 9 | Jade

Model port from SFM (
Standard rig
Face Sources: |

Cammy – Street Fighter

Import the model using the addon “Red Eye’s Source Model Utils” (
Setup the materials
Fix the rig and the missing/bad looking bones weighting


Skye (Paladins) Blender 2.8

skye model all ready for blender 2.8. I found the model on XNA and converted it to blender. Textures are packed into the blend file. Rig is automatically made in blender, 

Resident Evil Graveyard

A Graveyard.
For Blender 2.79
Original Model by oo-fil-oo
Any issues contact me

Ultimate Pharah – Overwatch

Cycle between all(at time of release) of her in-game skins with a single value.
Each piece of armor can be removed separately.
Proportions toggle to switch between canon and realistic proportions.
DAZ body with Ellowas’s vague mesh.

[Warcraft] Succubus

2 Skin Tints
1 Fully Modular Armor Set
Full Gens
Wing/Tail Bones Credits
Liard for his human female

Publick Occurrences From “Fallout 4”

used Eevee to render this scene, so if you want to use it in cycles you might have to tweak some things. The lighting is not prebaked so if you want the scene to lock like it does in the pictures above just bake the indirect lighting.

Triss Merigold Ultimate Rig – BETA

model of Triss Merigold, created for Blender 2.8. I also added some custom outfits created for various animations

Randy Orton – Blender 2.79

just applied the textures using the Principled Shader in Blender and scratch, since Rigify doesn’t provide 

Drip and Tan Node Group

 Drip and Tan Node is a node group to facilitate adding tanlines and droplets of fluid to a model’s already existing skin

“Piper Wright” for 2.8

the model was made by Stealth211 and ported from SFM to Blender

[Overwatch] Pharah v3.0 for Blender 2.80

Pharah v3 for Blender 2.8 comes with more outfits, more customization options and next-gen custom controls that make using 

Ultimate Sombra – Overwatch

includes all in-game skins with an easy way to cycle between them.
You can find all the MetsRig settings by pressing N on the viewport and clicking on the MetsRig panel.
change the look of the skin, enable physics, more.
Also includes her guns and translocator.

Roach – The Witcher 3 

This is a model of ‘Roach’ from The Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt, which I used in my animations. I ported both the horse and the horsecock from SFMLab to Blender 2.8

Pharah v2.0 for Blender 2.79

This is a model of Pharah from Overwatch. I decided to make this after I got fed up with the limitations of Source Filmmaker.
The model is rigged and comes with various armor parts which you can toggle on and off. It also uses a body morph so you can adjust various things such as body weight, breasts size and so on.

Futaba Sakura Persona 5

Tifa – Dissidia NT

v1.1 – Fixed a weird issue where the weights in the gloves somehow corrupted… by appending from a pre-release version of the blend.

Beach Babe Widowmaker – Overwatch 

Mashup made from Mets’ Dva body and Ellowas’ Widowmaker.